Saturday, August 14, 2010


What is the definition of love? Until now I don't know what the true definition of love. I just know that love is when you think about someone all the time. When you always want to beside someone. When you try to forget someone but you can't. When you want to do everything for someone. When you wasting your time just for waiting someone.

Love is............................complicated.

Only love can break a little heart. And also only love can fix a broken little heart. Love can make a coloful life. And also love can make a black and white life.

Cinta tidak harus memiliki. If you love someone, you must happy to see him with someone else. Maybe it's hurt. Maybe in your deepest hurt you still hope him happy with you, not happy with someone else. Or maybe you hope he end his relationship and then he come to you. But if you think like that, it means you're selfish.

When you love someone just be brave to say that you want him to be with you..
When you hold your love don't ever let it go or you will loose your chance to make your dreams come true..

Don't ever leave someone who love you for someone that you love. Because someone who you love will leave you for someone that he loves.

Sorry for this trash post. I just write what in my mind^^

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